Health crisis, the right time to digitalize your restaurant

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No date yet for the reopening of the restaurants, but one thing is certain: reception, service and payment will have to be rethought as soon as they resume. As we noted after the first lockdown, the new best practices are now converging towards a strong reduction of movements inside the restaurant and a maximum limitation of contacts. The objective is to avoid making restaurants a place of active circulation of the virus.

We know that for the restaurant owner, it is a real headache. It's hard to reconcile the maintenance of barrier gestures while continuing to ensure his mission: to give people a good time. Here again, as we saw during the first containment, the restaurant owners really played the game as much as they could. Marking on the floor, regular disinfection of paper cards, distancing of tables. Unfortunately, this was not enough and it is now time to anticipate the second reopening of the restaurants. Digital technology is able to help the restaurant owner to maintain the application of barrier gestures in his restaurant while maintaining the pleasure of the customer.

Why is digitalizing your restaurant important?

The reason is quite simple, on its own, the customer's smartphone and its many features will significantly reduce the amount of time spent in the restaurant.

But not only that. It also has the brilliant functionality of reading QR codes which makes it a great ally in these times when regular disinfection of paper cards adds extra work to your life.

How to digitalize your restaurant?

As you can see, customers will be able to discover your menu on their smartphone by means of a QR Code menu. Disinfection of paper menus: no need.

Now let's talk about ordering and payment. In some restaurants, it is necessary to stand up to order or to pay. Today this is no longer possible (at least for the moment). It is impossible today to increase your payroll to change the way your restaurant is run.

A solution, the QR code menu and the order / payment at the table

Avec ce fameux QR code, vous pouvez activer la prise de commande et le paiement via le mobile de vos clients. Concrètement, le client flashe le QR code, découvre votre menu en photo, passe commande et paye en CB, le tout sans avoir besoin de bouger de sa table.

As far as organization is concerned, don't worry, nothing changes, with each order, production vouchers are printed at the different stations (bar, kitchen, cash desk). All that remains is for your team to handle the consumption.

Digital, a long-term ally:

La crise sanitaire bouscule les codes dans de nombreux domaines, y compris la restauration. Il est important de comprendre que la commande et la paiement à table via mobile ne vont pas vous aider uniquement pendant cette période difficile. C’est un excellent moyen d’améliorer votre rentabilité sur le long terme. En effet, la commande et le paiement à table via mobile permettront par la suite de réduire l’attente client et ainsi de favoriser les ventes additionnelles mais aussi d’optimiser votre masse salariale.

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