Manage your own restaurant customer database

Restaurant customer database features


RGPD Compatibility

Our solution complies with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation.


Real time update

Your customer database is continuously enriched: each visit is recorded in the customer file.


Detailed customer file

Consult the consumption history of each customer to personalize your reception.


Integration of all Obypay solutions

Prepaid cards and loyalty programs are recorded in each customer record.

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Keep control of your customer data

Your customers are the most valuable asset of your establishment. With Obypay, you create your own customer base in a few clicks. You become independent and autonomous to manage your data and you don't share it with anyone else.

Keep track of your restaurant's customer data
Restaurant customer database by Obypay

Centralize all contact information in one place

With the Obypay customer database, you can access your customers' contact information in just a few clicks: a problem with a reservation? A case of contact reported on a service? Find the customers to call back in your Obypay customer database interface.

Analyze your activity

Discover the evolution of your business at a glance. What is the most ordered product? Who are your most loyal customers? Which customers haven't come back for a long time? Thanks to this acurate data, you can make the right decisions to adapt your activity.

Track your restaurant's activity with Obypay's customer database solution
Access your customer records with the Obypay restaurant database solution

Develop a detailed knowledge of your customers

Consult your customer files at any time and discover their favorite product, their average basket, their frequency of visits, their last order. Thanks to this information, offer a more personalized welcome and improve your brand image.

Restaurant customer database available from €49/month

Included: your marketing campaign solution

How the Restaurant Customer Database works

number 1

Activate your customer base in 5 minutes

On your Obypay interface, activate the creation of your database.

number 2

Turn every visit into a wealth of information

Collect data through our solutions: Click & Collect, order and payment at table, loyalty program, prepaid card.

number 3

Access your customer data online

Access your database in real time through a single online interface.


Designed and developed in France


Assistance and maintenance within 48 hours


Any more questions?

Get your own restaurant customer database within 48 hours

Don't miss any more opportunities to collect information. To save you time, we assist you in setting up your database. In a few days, you will be able to navigate in your interface and discover in detail the consumption habits of your customers.