Propose your restaurant loyalty program online

Features of the restaurant loyalty program

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Centralized customer data

Access the list of prepaid customers at any time, directly from your online interface.



Create a loyalty program that reflects your image by playing on your products and your customers' consumption habits.


Integration with your digital menu

Highlight your loyalty offer in your Obypay digital menu by highlighting the points to be earned and the rewards.



At any time, you can change your loyalty program according to the news on your card or your news.

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Reward your most loyal customers

Earning points is becoming so much fun that your customers will soon be unable to do without them.
They finally feel recognized for their loyalty and they like you even more. The icing on the cake: they tell their friends and family and you attract new customers.

Reward your customers with the Obypay digital loyalty program
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Create a surprise with each visit

You can evolve your reward system in real time. Innovate and regularly offer new rewards or new ways to earn points via your digital menu.

Gain in efficiency

With your dematerialized restaurant loyalty program, you can throw away your old stamping cards. Everything happens online and is fully automated. No more scientific calculations, lost or expired loyalty cards: you save time and your customers are fully satisfied.

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Better customer knowledge with the Obypay restaurant loyalty program

Develop your customer knowledge

With each use of the loyalty card, you get new data on the consumption habits of your customers. You will discover the amounts spent, the number of orders, the most ordered product... A gold mine for your customer relations.

Restaurant loyalty program accessible from 49€/month

Includes: your prepaid card solution

How it works

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Set up your loyalty program in 5 minutes

Choose your point allocation method and rewards. Then determine the number of points to trigger a reward.

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Offer your loyalty card to your customers

Your customers create their account in one click on your Obypay digital solutions or by scanning a QR Code.

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Reward your customers with every visit

Your customers earn points for each Click and Collect order or by presenting their digital loyalty card.


Designed and developed in France


Assistance and maintenance within 48 hours



With the Obypay loyalty solution, there is no app to download because it isa Webapp: it is available directly online

What's more, it can be integrated into Wallet Apple Pay for even faster access. For Android phones, a pop-up message appears on the screen to suggest adding a shortcut to the home screen.

The digital loyalty card is individual and limited to one user. But that doesn't stop your customers from using their loyalty card when they're accompanied.

Your customer has several options :

  • it can scan the QR Code at your facility
  • he can also access via digital menu of your restaurant accessible from your website
  • you can access your account from the shortcut on your Android phone screen or in its Wallet Apple Pay

The Obypay loyalty solution complements the customer base solution perfectly. 

This allows you to generate e-mail campaignssend e-mails / SMS automatic and personalized

To take advantage of the Loyalty and Marketing Campaigns solution, choose our Gourmet formula.

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Activate your restaurant loyalty program within 48h

Reward your customers without delay. To save you time, we help you set up your online loyalty program. In a few days, expect to see the door of your establishment open much more often!