Gain efficiency with the QR Code menu

Features of the QR Code menu

Suggestions module

Highlight your dishes in a "Our selection" module on your digital menu: you can push the products of your choice.

Instant translation of the menu

In 1 minute, your menu is translated into 5 languages thanks to an intelligent machine translation tool.

QR Code support on request

We can provide you with customized QR Code holders with your establishment's logo.

Our partners and cash register software

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Say goodbye to paper: the menu of your restaurant is always up to date

Something new on the menu? A dish of the day to add? You update your menu in real time and in just a few clicks. With the QR Code menu, you don't have any paper to manage. Result: you save money!

Menu QR Code Obypay : mettez votre carte à jour en quelques clics
Exemple de Click and Collect avec Obypay

You promote your products

Thanks to beautiful pictures, your customers will be tempted by your suggestions. They also have access to detailed information on the composition of the dishes (presence of allergens, origin of the products, organic label...).

With the "contactless" menu, protect your customers and your staff

The digital menu allows you to reinforce the barrier measures in your establishment. No more paper menus that are passed from hand to hand. You limit the risks of contamination and you can reassure your customers.

Vos clients accèdent au menu digital Obypay en scannant le QR Code sur la table du restaurant
Menu QR Code Obypay : vos clients scannent le QR Code sur la table et accèdent au menu digital

Less waiting for your customers with the QR Code menu

Your customers can browse your menu online without waiting for the menu to be brought to them. When ordering dessert, they can access the dessert menu with one click and be tempted by the appetizing list.

QR Code Menu accessible from 24.90€/month

How it works

You welcome your customers at the table

Greet your customers as you always have. Explain to them in two words how to consult your digital menu.

Your customers consult your menu online

After scanning the QR code on the table, your customers can consult your map directly on their smartphone or tablet.

You take the order at the table

As with a printed menu, you take the order at the table. At any time, your customers can consult your digital menu again.

Installation in 48 hours

Support and maintenance included

Without commitment


You can request QR code holders from your Obypay online space or by sending a message directly to the following address:

We offer you a library of royalty-free images and we also provide you with a list of websites that offer royalty-free images.

We have 5 languages available for the translation of the digital menu: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German. More languages are coming soon!

Any more questions?

They have adopted our QR Code menu

Create your QR Code menu in 5 minutes

Don't make your customers wait any longer. We take care of everything. We create your account, enter your products, and that's it. All this without any commitment.