Serve your customers faster with Table Ordering

Features of Table Order

Suggestion module

Increase the average ticket by highlighting your dishes in the "Our selection" module on your digital menu.

Connecting to your cash register software

Thanks to our certified partners, you can receive orders directly at your cash register.

Digital menu included

The Table Order includes a digital menu that you can instantly translate into 5 languages with one click.

Qr Code menu

QR Code support on request

We can provide you with unique QR Code holders per table and customized with your logo.

Our partners & cash register softwares

Obypay table order: the solution to stop waiting for your customers at the restaurant

No more waiting to order: your customers will thank you!

With the table order, your customers send their order directly to the kitchen via their smartphone, without having to wait for a waiter. They save time and so do you!

Increase your sales... without doing anything

You can push suggestions to your customers via your digital menu, without going through a server. Our software does the work for you and helps you sell more while you focus on your other tasks.

Example of an Obypay table order
Take time to pamper your customers with Obypay table order

Your staff can finally pamper your customers

Your employees focus on what is most valuable: hospitality and customer service. They have more time to take care of your customers and busy times are less stressful. You also reduce order-taking errors and avoid waste.

With order at the table, you reinforce barrier gestures

With the included digital menu, you improve the sanitary measures in your establishment. Your customers and staff feel reassured and more relaxed. You can enhance your hygiene approach and strengthen your brand image.

Reinforce barrier gestures with the Obypay tabletop controller

Order at the table accessible from 59€/month

Includes: QR Code menu and payment at the table

How it works

You welcome your customers at the table

Explain how it works: each table has its own QR code so they can't make mistakes.

Your customers order from your online menu

After scanning the QR Code, your customers access your digital menu and place their order online.

You receive orders automatically

The orders of your customers arrive by themselves on your cash register software, a printer or a dedicated Internet page.

Designed and developed in France

Assistance and maintenance within 48 hours



No, your customers don't need to download an application. By scanning the QR code on your table, they can directly access your online menu and place their order. Thanks to Obypay technology, they can also choose to add a shortcut on their smartphone's home screen to directly access your establishment's Obypay services.

If your cash register software is part of the list available with Obypay, you will not need any additional equipment. If you wish, you can opt for a printer dedicated to receiving orders at the table or consult them on one of your connected devices via a dedicated web page. Our team is here to support you and offer you the best solution.

Once you have validated your registration with one of our advisors, you can request QR code holders from your Obypay online space or by sending a message directly to the following address:

Any more questions?

They adopted our table ordering solution

Our customers speak better than we do

We have completely reorganized our way of working around this system. In addition to discovering our menu online, we offer our customers the opportunity to place an order. The result? Customers who wait less and +20% in sales at happy hour.

The Dirty Kids


This tool made it possible to reduce customers' waiting time linked to the high traffic we sometimes have. Our regulars are now fully satisfied with the digital menu they use every day to order. We have increased our sales over certain periods.



With Obypay, we were able to easily multiply the number of online, click & collect and kiosk order-taking media, without complicating the use of our loyalty program which is now 100% digital. Our customers are valued at every visit and without friction, as shown by the 2000 loyalty cards activated in less than 3 months.

Auguste & Ferdinand

Yoann Duriez, co-founder

Ready to see your first orders arrive at the table?

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