Refer a restaurant owner and save 3 months on your subscription

You are using Obypay solutions and you would like to introduce them to other restaurant owners like you?

With our referral offer, enjoy 3 months free on your Obypay subscription for each new customer you bring to us.

For you

  • 3 months free

Valid on a subscription of 129€/month maximum

For your godchild

  • 1st month free

Valid on a subscription with a minimum 6 month commitment and a maximum value of 129€/month

How does it work?

number 1

You fill in the form below with your details and those of your sponsored child.

number 2

We will contact your referral to arrange a demonstration of our solutions.

number 3

As soon as you sign the subscription contract with your sponsored child, you get 3 months free on your next bill.

Do you have more than one referral to sponsor?

It is possible! All you have to do is fill in a form for each referral. For each referral who becomes an Obypay customer, you get 3 months free on your Obypay subscription. 

If you sponsor 2 referrals, for example, you get a total of 6 months free.

For 4 godchildren, you save 12 months of subscriptiona full year!



Conditions of the offer :

Offer valid from May 1st to July 31st 2022. The sponsorship offer is validated once the sponsored person signs an Obypay contract with a minimum commitment of 6 months. The referral benefits from the first month's free subscription up to a maximum of €129/month. The 3 months of free subscription per new sponsored customer are limited to subscriptions of a maximum amount of 129€/month. The months offered to the sponsor are consecutive and the discount is applied on the invoices issued 1 month after the subscription of the sponsored client.