Payment at the table: let your customers pay for themselves

Features of Payment at the table

Integrated tip

Your customers enter the tip amount directly via their smartphone.

Flexible payment

Your customers can pay all at once, divide equally, enter a fixed amount or pay only for their consumption.

Secure payment

Your customers pay by credit card, meal ticket, Apple Pay or Google Pay. They can rely on the secure Stripe technology.

Digital menu and table order included

You can offer 100% of autonomy to your customers: free to offer them all the features or only the payment at the table.

Our partners and cash register software

Edenred, partenaire d'Obypay
Paiement de l'addition sur smartphone avec Obypay

No need to wait for the bill: your customers will take care of themselves!

In one click, your customers can access their table bill via their smartphone and pay by Apple Pay, Google Pay, credit card or meal ticket. To share the bill, nothing could be simpler: each person chooses the dishes consumed or enters a fixed amount. No more headaches with the bill! 

+ tips for your staff

Your customers can leave a tip to your employees. No need to have change: they enter the tip amount on their smartphone, validate and that's it! With pay-at-table, your staff cashes in on average 20% of extra tips.

Plus de pourboires avec le paiement à table Obypay
Mesures d'hygiène renforcées avec le paiement à table Obypay

Promote your hygiene measures with payment at the table

With payment at the table, you limit contacts and the risks of contamination in your restaurant. Customers pay directly on their smartphone and no longer use your bank card terminal. You can thus promote your hygiene approach to your customers.
You can thus promote your hygiene approach to your customers.

Turn tables faster

The moment of the bill is often painful for your customers: they have to wait for the bill and then the payment terminal. When the bill is split, it takes even longer.
With pay-at-the-table, you eliminate all these steps and save valuable time.
The result: your customers leave the table more quickly and you can continue with a new service.

Exemple de paiement à table Obypay

Pay-at-table accessible from 59€/month

Includes: QR Code menu and payment at the table

How it works

Your customers scan the QR code of their table

When they have finished eating, customers can access the bill by scanning the unique QR code on the table.

Your customers pay the bill online

Your customers pay the bill on their smartphone using their credit card, a restaurant ticket, Apple Pay or Google Pay.

The collection is generated on your cash register software

The receipts arrive directly on your cash register software and you can check that the bill has been paid.

Installation in 48 hours

Support and maintenance included

Without commitment

Accepted securities and payments

Sodexo partenaire d'Obypay
Swile, partenaire d'Obypay
apetiz, partenaire d'Obypay
Edenred, partenaire d'Obypay
Updéjeuner, partenaire d'Obypay


You can request QR code holders directly from your Obypay customer area or by sending a message to the following address:

Your customers can pay by dematerialized restaurant ticket such as Edenred, Sodexo, Updéjeuner, Apetiz or Swile.

No, your customers don't need to download an application. By scanning the QR code on your table, they can access their bill directly online and pay it in a few clicks.

If your cash register software is part of the list available with Obypay, you will not need any additional equipment. If you wish, you can also consult the cash receipts from your customer interface on one of your connected devices via a dedicated web page. Our team is here to support you and offer you the best solution.

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Set up pay-at-table in 48 hours

Don't wait any longer and offer this new service to your customers NOW. We take care of everything. We create your account, enter your products, and that's it. All this without any commitment.