Innovate and build customer loyalty with restaurant prepaid cards

Features of restaurant prepaid cards

Centralized customer data

Access the list of prepaid customers at any time, directly from your online interface.

Loyalty program included

Prepaid card data is brought up in each customer record and you have a global view of their habits.

Equipment provided

You receive a scanner and a batch of pre-printed QR Code cards. Your customers receive a card with a unique QR Code.

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Make your customers come back more often

Turn your occasional customers into regular customers. With the card registered on their mobile, they keep a permanent link with you and they don't forget you! In addition, it's fun, practical and original.

Des clients plus réguliers dans votre restaurant avec les cartes prépayées Obypay
Carte prépayée pour restaurant par Obypay

Simplify payment

With the prepaid card, paying for coffee has never been easier. In a few seconds, your customers pay for their coffee and save precious time. They no longer hesitate to come to your place: perfect for an espresso on the go or a quick drink at the bar.

Take advantage of a cash advance

Prepaid cards offer you a security margin on your cash flow: by paying their consumption in advance, your customers give you "credit" and thus help you to secure your turnover.

Avance de cash avec les cartes prépayées Obypay
Avec les cartes prépayées Obypay, apprenez à mieux connaître les clients de votre restaurant

Improve your customer knowledge

Every time you use a prepaid card, you gain new information about your customers: you learn more about their consumption habits and you can offer them a personalized welcome.

Restaurant prepaid cards accessible from 49€/month

Included : your restaurant loyalty program

How it works

Prepare your prepaid cards in one click

On your interface, choose the product, the price, the number of passes (ex: 1 card = 10 coffees). Generate the number of cards to sell.

Put your cards on sale

Your customer buys a printed card, provided by Obypay. He scans the QR Code and installs his prepaid card on his smartphone.

At each visit, you scan, it's settled!

Your customer uses their digital prepaid card to pay. With the card reader provided, you scan and the bill is paid!

Installation in 48 hours

Support and maintenance included

Without commitment

Accepted securities and payments

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Put your restaurant prepaid cards on sale within 48 hours

Start building customer loyalty now. We will help you get started with your Obypay online interface and send you your QR Code cards within 48 hours. Within a few days, you will start to record your first sales with prepaid cards. And collect valuable information about your customers' consumption habits.