Obypay, the small team that is shaking up the restaurant world

Our mission

Passionate about digital and its impact on our daily lives, we created Obypay in 2018 to change the lives of restaurant owners.

We are convinced that new digital solutions are revolutionizing the restaurant business.

Every day, our solutions help every restaurant owner to :

  • Simplify your life by saving time and increasing efficiency.
  • offer an original customer experience to stand out from the competition.
  • Boost its sales by increasing the average basket and the frequency of visits to its establishment.

Since our launch, we have never stopped innovating: the Obypay adventure began with the launch of the QR Code + order at table menu. In response to the growing demand from our customers, we then developed a Click and Collect solution.
In 2020,. Integration with cash register software
In 2021, Obypay's offering has been further enhanced with the launch of order and pay at the table, compatible with Apple Pay and Google Pay. we are kicking off our loyalty and marketing solutions to help even more restaurant owners and merchants build customer loyalty.

Go behind the scenes at Obypay and meet the team on our Welcome to The Jungle page.

Our values


We make it a point of honour to be transparent with our customers and partners about our commercial conditions and our solutions. With us, no bad surprises!


At Obypay, we leave nothing to chance. We like to be proud of our solutions and we hate the "one size fits all". Our motto is "always better"!

Listening to customers

Our customers are our priority: understanding their needs, designing adapted solutions and proposing new products taking into account their feedback is our way of working.


At Obypay, we like to challenge conventional wisdom and say no to the status quo. Changing mindsets, changing habits, that's what makes us want to get up every morning!