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Ordering, payment and loyalty all in one place

No more waiting in line! With Obypay's touchscreen kiosk, you can speed up order taking and generate more cash receipts. La integrated loyalty card, is an additional asset to offer a unique customer experience. Everything is perfectly integrated with your cash register software to save even more time for your team. It's a must-have solution to digitalize your restaurant or fast food restaurant. And to fit your space, choose from our 4 different models to put on a counter, to hang on the wall or simply to put on the floor.

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And in a few days, your customers will be able to place their order and settle their payment themselves. For the setup, you don't have to do anything! We create your account, enter your products... “et voila”. All without commitment.

Wall-mounted restaurant control unit

Slim Self-ordering Kiosk 15"

15-inch slim control terminal

The Slim 15″ self-ordering kiosk can be easily installed on a counter or table. It includes a scanner for the loyalty card as well as a ticket printer and a payment terminal. 

Slim Self-ordering Kiosk 22"

slim 22" control terminal

The Slim 22″ order terminal can be easily installed on a counter or table. It integrates a loyalty card scanner as well as a ticket dispenser and an Eftpos terminal.

15" self-ordering kiosk for counters

15-inch countertop bollard

Sleek and unobtrusive, the 15″ order kiosk is perfect for counters. It features a loyalty card scanner, ticket printer, EPT and POS support.

24" self-ordering kiosk for counters

22-inch countertop docking station

With its large display, the 24″ self-ordering kiosk offers a great user experience and is easily installed on the counter of your establishment. It integrates a loyalty card scanner, an payment terminal, a ticket printer and a POS support.

24" Wall Black Self-Ordering Kiosk

Black wall terminal

With its wall mount, the 24″ black wall-mounted self-ordering kiosk fits elegantly into your restaurant while freeing up floor space. It integrates loyalty card scanner, payment terminal, ticket printer and POS support. 

24" Wall White Self-Ordering Kiosk

24-inch white wall-mounted bollard

With its large display, the 24″ self-ordering kiosk offers a great user experience and is easily installed on the counter of your establishment. It integrates a loyalty card scanner, an payment terminal, a ticket printer and a POS support.

24" Stand alone Self-ordering Kiosk

White pedestal control terminal

With its shallow depth, the 24″ white stand-alone self-ordering kiosk can be easily installed in your restaurant. Thanks to its small footprint, it frees up space in your restaurant. It integrates loyalty card scanner, payment terminal, ticket printer and POS support. 

Light iPad Self-Ordering Kiosk

ipad control terminal restaurant

With its 10.2″ iPad screen and removable support, this compact self-ordering device can be installed anywhere, even in small spaces. The payment terminal can be placed right next to it.

The ideal self-ordering kiosk for bowling alleys and leisure areas

Place your iPad self-ordering kiosk directly in front of the bowling alley or playing areaCustomers no longer need to interrupt their game to order and pay. 

Thanks to automatic product suggestions during ordering, you increase the average ticket.

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Reduce waiting time with the self-ordering kiosk

Restaurant control unit - step 1

Accelerate order taking

No more waiting in line at the counter or waiting for a waiter. Your customers can view the menu, order and pay for their meal, directly from the self-service ordering kiosk.

Offer an original customer experience

Providing ordering terminals in your establishment allows you to stand out from your competitors and modernize your image.

Increase your revenues

Suggestion module Control terminal

Boost the average ticket by 30%

Thanks to pushed suggestions, your customers add products to their order on the interactive interface and the average basket increases automatically. On average, the ticket increases by 30% for our clients.

Highlight your products

Your dishes are highlighted thanks to a pleasant interface and beautiful photos that whet your customers' appetite. They indulge more and add more products to their order.

Loyalty card control terminal

Boost customers loyalty

Add your loyalty card to the order terminal

The customer scans his loyalty card saved in the wallet of his smartphone. It is automatically recognized by the terminal. With each order, he can accumulate points or unlock rewards automatically. At any time, he can consult his points balance via their user account, accessible at the order terminal.

Offer your customers the opportunity to accumulate euros in their kitty

With each purchase at the order terminal, your customers accumulate points that they can convert into euros. They constitute a digital kitty, available at any time on their user account. Your customers can then pay for all or part of their order with their kitty.

Our self-ordering kiosks at our customers

Food court, bowling, fast food restaurant, whatever your business, there's a kiosk for you. Find inspiration here and get started! Your customers are waiting for it.


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More and more catering establishments are using ordering kiosks. In the past, kiosks were very expensive, but this is no longer the case. Of course, it all depends on the model you choose.
The floor-mounted control terminals like those from Mc Do, are still among the most expensive: before, you had to pay around €10,000 for a kiosk of this type. Today, some providers offer identical models for as little as €4,000.
There are also mlighter models which can be placed on a counter or table: their prices are more affordable. Prices start at €3,000. For this type of control terminal, the price also depends on the options, and in particular on the screen size. The larger the screen, the higher the price.
Make sure that the control terminal includes :

  • The payment terminal
  • A printer for order receipts
  • POS support

Most Obypay order kiosks also include a scanner to enable customers to identify themselves when ordering: all they have to do is present the QR code from their dematerialized loyalty card, stored in their smartphone.
Don’t forget to factor installation costs into your total budget.
If the price of an order terminal seems high to you, be aware that some service providers offer you the possibility of renting the equipment. You can also request modified financing conditions with payment in several installments.
In any case, you will quickly realize that it is an investment that quickly pays off : by reducing queues, you serve more customers and the average ticket increases by 15 to 30% thanks to personalized suggestions during ordering.

To find out about our control terminal rental solutionsIf you have any questions, please fill in the contact form. We'll get back to you with a customized offer.

You don't no app to download. When installing your order terminal, the Obypay team takes full charge of setting up your interactive terminal and connecting it to your POS software.

We deliver and install our control terminals throughout mainland France and neighboring countries.

There are many criteria for choosing your self-order ing kiosk model. 

To choose your order terminal, first check that the software solution integrated into the kiosk is compatible with your cash register software. If this is not the case, you will have difficulty uploading orders and payments to your POS software.

Think carefully about the location of your future self-ordering kiosk. It must not obstruct the passage, be easily spotted by your customers and have an electrical outlet nearby. Depending on the size of your establishment, you can choose from free-standing terminals or to be placed on a counter.

Opt for the simplest and quickest installation possible. Most self-ordering kiosks now benefit from Plug & Play installation, with no work required. 

Think about how the self-ordering kiosk will fit into the decor and atmosphere of your establishment. For cozy atmospheres, choose discreet models. For a young and trendy clientele, you can afford more prominent models that you can even customize with your design.

Check that theuser interface offered by your provider is user-friendly enough. Consulting the menu, entering the order and the payment steps must be thought out to avoid any friction during the purchase. Also check that the digital menu can be updated instantly, without complicated manipulation.

Assurez-vous que la solution digitale intégrée à la borne de commande comprend les options devenus incontournables aujourd’hui en restauration : module de suggestions automatiques, programme de fidélité digitale, fonction cashback… Surprenez vos clients en provoquant un effet “waouh”.

Do a real price comparison. Compare the services both on the terminal but also on the operating software. And, if you don't have the budget to buy a terminal, find out about equipment rental options.

In any case, do not hesitate to seek advice from an Obypay expert .

The self-ordering kiosk provides many advantages for digitalizing your restaurant 

  • Increase your turnover
    Restaurants that install an self-ordering kiosk see their turnover increase. Product suggestions integrated into the digital menu make it possible to increase the average basket per customer.
  • Improve the customer experience
    With the kiosk, you reduce lines and optimize service. Thanks to an ordering interface in the colors of your establishment, your customers are immediately immersed in your culinary world.
  • Build customer loyalty
    Some operating software such as Obypay integrates a digital loyalty solution. By ordering at the kiosk, the customer can create their online loyalty account and collect points with each purchase. They can also unlock rewards with each new order and even pay with their Cashback balance. All your customer accounts can be connected to an emailing or SMS solution to send them personalized messages.
  • Make your employees’ work easier
    Connected to your cash register software, the self-ordering terminal automatically sends orders and payments to your cash register. It’s a real time saver for your team. In addition, the risk of error during ordering is reduced to zero.
  • Differentiate yourself from your competitors
    En installant une borne de commande dans votre établissement, vous marquez la distance par rapport à vos concurrents. Même si la tendance “Borne de commande” s’accélère, vous serez peut-être l’un des premiers de votre quartier à en avoir une.
  • Attract new customers
    Digital ordering, particularly on a kiosk, attracts young and connected customers, used to McDonald’s kiosks.

Connecting the self-ordering kiosk to your cash register software is essential. This allowsorders and payments to be sent directly to your cash register and to consolidate the turnover of your establishment. 

In addition, the digital menu and prices displayed on the order terminal must be perfectly synchronized with your cash register software.

Obypay has established partnerships with leading cash register softwares on the market to enable this integration such as Lightspeed, Cashpad, L'Addition, Zelty, Sumup, Clyo Systems. 

These cash register software offer all-in-one POS platforms that cover all the needs of restaurateurs and merchants. They make it possible to offer an omnichannel customer journey: self-ordering kiosk but also click and collect, ordering and payment at the table.

If your establishment already benefits from cash register software, it is rather the compatibility with the kiosk that will determine your choice. Check with your supplier for checkout systems compatible with their self-ordering kiosks.