How a bowling alley increased the average shopping cart by 30% with ordering kiosks

By installing ordering kiosks in front of the lanes, the Factory bowling alley near Orleans has transformed the customer experience: no need to interrupt the game to order and pay for your drink. The result? +30% on the average basket, satisfied customers and a team that is twice as efficient.

Bowling control terminals


The Factory is a leisure space that offers bowling, laser games, a roller park, an arcade, billiards...

To encourage players to consume more while preserving the customer experience, the management team chose to install Obypay order kiosks in front of the bowling lanes.

With this solution, there is no need to interrupt the game or wait for a waiter to order or pay. The orders arrive instantly on the cash register software and the customers only have to wait to be served.

Discover in this video how thehe Bowling Factory increased the average player basket by 30% while improving the customer experience and optimizing its staff management.

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