How a food court switched to multi-store ordering and payment

By centralizing ordering and payment on a single digital interface, the Biarritz-based Palmito has solved a recurring problem for food courts: allowing customers to order from all the stands at the same time and pay in one go without having to go anywhere. And... bingo! Customers order more easily and the food court works with a system of runners who bring the dishes to the table.

Food court self-ordering kiosk


The Palmito is a food court composed of 5 different food stands and a Tiki bar, located in the heart of downtown Biarritz.

To simplify the customer experience and facilitate the management of the food court, the management chose to install the Obypay digital solution designed specifically for this type of establishment.

With this solution, the customer can order and pay on all the stands of the food court at the same time via a QR Code, an order terminal or a pro terminal available in the room. The orders and payments are automatically distributed on each stand thanks to the integration with the cash register software. Customers only have to wait to be served.

Discover in this video how thehe Palmito food court transformed the customer experience while increasing the average basket and optimizing its staff management.

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