How a bakery revolutionized the customer experience with digital 

From click & collect to the order terminal, via the digital loyalty card and marketing campaigns, the entire purchasing process has been rethought at Auguste & Ferdinand. Result? 100% of customer satisfaction and an average ticket that is rising!


Auguste & Ferdinand is a bakery concept that also offers a catering service and burgers, with fresh and organic products, 100% home-made. With 3 stores and an online ordering service, we needed to find an integrated solution to manage the click & collects, the control terminals in store and a loyalty program cross-sectional.

To save time and build customer loyalty, Yoann Duriez, the founder, opted for Obypay's digital solutions, which are fully integrated into his cash register software.

Discover in this video How Auguste & Ferdinand bakery boosted the average basket and increased customer loyalty with Obypay.

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