What are the advantages of digital menus in the restaurant business?

How and why offer a digital menu in your restaurant?

With the health crisis, consumers have changed their consumption habits: they buy more online. It is a great opportunity for restaurants to go digital. They can take advantage of all the benefits of technology to modernize and improve their performance. The development of Click and Collect has allowed customers and restaurant owners to become familiar with online menu consultation and order taking. The digital menu is now progressively reaching restaurant tables to offer a new customer experience.

What is a digital menu?

Your customers can access the Obypay digital menu by scanning the QR Code on the restaurant table

A digital menu is a restaurant menu offered online: it can be consulted from a smartphone or a tablet after scanning a QR Code laid out on the table. 

It allows the customers of a café, bar or restaurant to consult the menu of dishes and drinks without having to wait for a server

More and more restaurant owners have realized the benefits of offering a QR code menu and have abandoned the printed menu.

Why implement a digital menu in your restaurant

The digital menu is not a simple page of your website accessible from a QR Code.

It is much more than that.

You will see that this new digital tool allows your customers to consult the menu online but also offers many advantages for the restaurant owners.

Here are 7 good reasons to switch to the digital menu :

#1 Increase customer satisfaction

Thanks to the digital menu, your customers no longer have to wait to consult the menu. By simply scanning your QR code, they can access the menu online and discover your menu through beautiful photos that showcase your expertise. 

But that's not all!

It also guarantees a better user experience for your customers They no longer need to download a pdf or zoom in to see the details of the dishes.

The digital menu has an interactive interface, designed to facilitate Internet browsing from a smartphone and highlight your dishes.

In addition, some digital menus such as the Obypay QR Code menu include a digital loyalty program for an even more personalized user experience.

It is also possible to add the ordering and payment solution at the table to save even more time for your customers.

#2 Save time and efficiency

A new item to add to the menu? A formula of the day to highlight?

With the digital menu, you update your map in real timein just a few clicks. 

Some digital menu solutions also include a instant translation in several languages: you won't even have to worry about translating your card.

Your team also has more time available for table service. 

And it's even more powerful if you add a table ordering or payment at the table.

#3 Increase the bill without doing anything

The digital menu is designed to make suggestions to your customers as your waiters would do. This way, you can introduce your new products or offer the dish of the day without the intervention of your team. 

Thanks to beautiful photos, your preparations are highlighted and your customers are put in appetite.

And to further increase the average ticket, you can link your menu to your Obypay online loyalty program: you can then make personalized suggestions such as a dessert or a drink at a preferential price. 

#4 Reinforce barrier gestures with touchless menu

Thanks to the digital menu, you can limit the contact between your staff and customers and you limit the risks of airborne contamination

You also improve your hygiene measures by eliminating the printed menus that are usually passed from hand to hand. 

You can improve your brand image and communicate your commitment to the safety of your customers and employees.

#5 Save money

With the digital menu, you no longer need to print paper menus and you save on your printing costs

You also gain in productivity since your team no longer has to bring the menus to the table. You optimize your organizationn and you can focus your servers' efforts on preparing and serving food. By complementing your digital menu with ordering and payment at tableyou further reduce the workload of your employees.

#6 Increase table rotation

With the digital menu, your customers no longer have to wait to consult your restaurant's menu. As a result, they can order faster and are served faster. If you add the order and payment solution at the table, you speed up table service even more. You can serve more customers in the same amount of time as before, while improving the user experience: it's a real winning combo! Your waiters have more time to take care of each guest and improve the customer relationship.

#7 Make it easy on yourself

The digital menu is a huge help to simplify your already busy daily life as a restaurant owner. In one click, you can change your menu, highlight your dish of the day, translate your menu, and remove dishes that are out of stock. You even change your prices without it showing: don't take advantage of it too much though. 😜

In the end, it's less of a hassle and more peace of mind.

How to create a digital menu for your restaurant?

The creation is ultra fast and is done in 4 small steps (video tutorial here) :

  1. Enter in the interface of your menu all the products of your card. If you already have your menu as an excel file, you can even create your items in one click. Remember to add images to make your digital menu even more appetizing.
  2. Generate your QR Code in one click and print it. If you wish, you can order personalized QR Code holders with your restaurant's logo.
  3. Place your QR Code holders on the tables. You can also use the web link generated by the digital menu interface to make your map available online on your website or social networks.
  4. Greet your customers and explain in two words how to access the menu.

And it's done!

Install your QR Code menu in a flash with the Obypay digital menu solution.

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